Our recycling policy

Aiming for 100% recycling

As a strip out company we recognise the need to manage the waste we produce in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. In order to achieve this we recycle wherever possible. We have supplied items to local schools, clubs and charities. We are often able to find second homes for carpets, furniture, kitchens and sanitary-ware.

All metals are recycled and so is any timber. We have close links with specialist companies for the disposal of hazardous waste including fluorescent tubes, screens and electrical items.

“I visited the site yesterday and was very pleased with the progress and the way all the waste was organised. So a big thank you for that, it just makes it a pleasure to work with you.”

All metals are sorted and reused or recycled

Electrical and data cabling sorted and recycled

Plasterboard separated and recycled


Blockwork separated and recycled

Charitable donations

We try to find new homes for some of the office and kitchen equipment. We donated 130 chairs to St Peters’ Church in Chiswick  and a number of tables to a school in  Hertfordshire.

“Thank you very much indeed for the donation of a sofa for our meeting room. It is important to provide a safe, warm and comfortable place to come to for people experiencing feelings of distress and despair”

Samaritans Hampshire

“Thank you for your kindness and generosity in giving and delivering the furniture for my classroom. The children love the tables. To bring them all the way from Hampshire was also so helpful as it was in your own time, It has made a huge difference to us all”

Head of Learning Hertfordshire

Donation of chairs